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LHA provide factoring services to over 700 homeowners and private landlords.

Our factoring services include

  • managing and administering the common property such as stairwells and backcourts.
  • instruct and oversee repairs of the common property
  • administer and apportion costs relating to  maintaining and servicing the common property.

Full details of our factoring service are available in our Factoring Policy.


If you have a question about the maintenance of the common property of your building please complete our contact form or call 0141 445 4418 and press option 1.

If you want to report a repair to the common property you can do this by filling out the repairs form or emailing


Your factoring invoice and statement is issued every six months.

If you have any questions about the repairs listed on your bill contact our Senior Asset Assistant, Debbie Martin, on 0141 7397 525 or email

If you have any other queries about your factoring bill or have received an outstanding factoring debt letter please contact our factoring team by email