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22nd December 2021

We have published our latest service update on COVID and the impact of the Omicron variant here.

17th December 2021

We have published the minutes of our most recent Board meetings under the Getting Information menu.

We have published our proposals on a revised Anti-Social Behaviour policy in the news area of the website. You can have your say by contacting us by email at our General Enquiries email address, by speaking to your Housing Officer or by telephone on 0141 445 4418. See the proposals here

10th June 2021

The Govan Jobs Match initiative has seen key local partners work with Gerry at Unlock Employment to provide employability support and deliver local job outcomes for the past two years.

The initial funding period has come to an end and the Govan Jobs Match Group are in the process of evaluating the project and seeking future funding to continue to deliver strategic and operational employability outcomes in Govan.

The project has been paused for the interim and we will update partners, stakeholders and the wider community on when the project next steps and the outcome of the evaluation.

22 February 2021

A new Govan Support Directory has been launched as part of the Thriving Places programme with funding from the NHS, and the Scottish Government via the Govan Covid 19 Temporary Emergency Funding Group. You can access it by clicking here.

23 December 2020

The latest COVID-19 update from Chief Executive can be found here and on our COVID-19 information page. In the update the CEO discusses:

  • The First Minister’s announcement on Saturday 19th December regarding another lockdown from Boxing Day and how we will continue to provide our services remotely; and
  • Unfortunately, how due to these tougher health restrictions, our window contractor, CCG (Scotland) Ltd, will be unable to progress the window installation programme until restrictions have eased.

16 December 2020

The latest landlord report from the Scottish Housing Regulator is available here.

27 November 2020

We have updated the information on the new Drumoyne Primary School development here.

Additional information

All of the updates and information we have issued since the begining of the COVID-19 pandemic can be found HERE.

Our office remains closed to the public but our staff are still working and will continue to respond to your queries and requests for repairs and other services by telephone, email and text. It is important that you continue to pay your rent or contact us if you are struggling to pay. We have a welfare benefit team who can provide you with help and advice to maximise your income and make a claim for welfare benefits.

If you are worried or have questions about your tenancy please do not hesitate to contact the office on the usual number (0141-445-4418) or by emailing us at: enquiries@linthouseha.com.

As you will be aware, our contractors are only be permitted to carry out emergency repairs. Please contact us if you have an emergency repair in your home. You can still get advice on non-emergency repairs but we may have to delay instructing the work until a later date.

Please continue to notify the office by phoning 0141-445-4418 if you are expecting a visit from someone from the association (including one of our contractors) and you have:

  • been asked to self-isolate or if you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed;
  • travelled to a priority 1 or 2 country in the last fortnight and feel unwell.
  • a persistent cough and or high/fever

If you are worried or have questions about Coronavirus you can get expert help and advice from the following official websites:

And please remember that if you think you may have symptoms, you must stay home and call your GP or NHS 24 (111) for advice and instructions on what to do.

Festive Operating hours

Our staff will be finishing for Christmas at 5pm on 23rd December 2021 and will return to work at 9am on 5th January 2022.

If you have an emergency during this period you should contact the following numbers:

  • For gas and central heating repairs contact GasSure on 01294 468 113; or
  • For all other types of emergency repairs contact Timetra on 0808 196 1486

Gas Emergencies

If your carbon monooxide detector (CO alarm) goes off, this must be treated as a GAS EMERGENCY. If you have a GAS EMERGENCY (boiler breakdown, suspected leak or CO alarm) please phone:

  • Out of hours - GasSure on 01294 468 113.

Power outages

Our Vision:

Creating and sustaining lasting, unique, vibrant homes in stable, popular, and ambitious urban communities.


Our Mission:

To deliver high quality and cost effective housing services, designed to meet the needs of existing and future customers. To work in partnership with others to create thriving communities that people want to live and work in.


Our Values:

  • Customer Driven
  • Honest
  • Accountable
  • Transparent

Our Strategic Objectives:

LHA has set six objectives to describe what we will be seeking to achieve over the next 3 years:

  • Strong strategic governance ;
  • Deliver excellent services and performance;
  • Provide quality homes in an attractive environment;
  • Improve our financial strength and deliver value for money;
  • Develop leadership and people; and
  • Be more than just a great landlord.

If you have an enquiry, please contact us by phone on 0141 445 4418 or by sending an email to enquiries@linthouseha.com.

Irene C McFarlane, Chief Executive
11th January 2021

Please read our SHR Landlord's Report summarising performance against the Charter

Please read our Annual Report here

You can download our statutory accounts here

Linthouse Housing Association, 1 Cressy St, Glasgow G51 4RB. Telephone: 0141 445 4418, Email:
enquiries@linthouseha.com. Linthouse Housing Association is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 1800RS, the Scottish Housing Regulatory, registration number 149, and is a charity registered in Scotland, registration number SC028161. A copy of our Data Protection Policy is available by clicking here.