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Our staff team

Irene Campbell was appointed CEO in July 2015. As Senior Officer she is responsible for working with the staff team to implement the strategic direction of the organisation as agreed by our Management Committee (see below). Our staff team are the people who help you from day to day with your tenancy.

Customer Services
Asset Management
Finance & Business

Yvonne Rooney
Head of Customer Solutions

Andrea Walker
Head of Customer Delivery

Gail Sherriff
Director of Asset Management

Director of Finance &
Business Support

Patch 1

Lisa Lindsay

Steven Murphy stevenmurphy

Patch 2
Linthouse A

Elaine McDermott

Joe Fitzpatrick

Patch 3
Linthouse B

Chris O’Brien

Laurie Kefalas

Caryn Stewart

Asset Team

Craig Douglas
Derek Rainey
Iain Wylie
Darren Ritchie
Claire Dolan
Tiegan Shearer
Joyce Gilmour

Estates Team

James Docherty
Michael Rice

Governance Team

Alison Greig

Finance Team

Kim Fuentes
Kirsty Hendry

The streets that fall under each patch are listed on the About us webpage.

Getting involved

You can get involved in a number of ways:

  1. Become a member
    As a Member you can vote at the AGM and are eligible to stand for election to the Management Committee. If you are over 16, you can become a Member for just £1 and you will be issued with a Share Certificate;

  2. Join the Management Committee
    Election to the Management Committee is open to all Members of the Association. An induction session is given to all new members and training is ongoing;

  3. Join the Resident Panel
    Our Resident Panel is made up of local residents and meet on a Tuesday evening (at 6pm) every six weeks to discuss issues which are important to the local community;

  4. Join our new Consultation Register
    We will contact you when we need feedback from tenants and residents on key issues like the Tenant Engagement Strategy or other things like new policies and procedures;

  5. Suggestion box
    The Association has a suggestion box in reception. We welcome suggestions from all our residents and will reply to each one if you give your name and address on the form.

Our governing body

The role of the governing body, known as the Management Committee, is to oversee the management of the association. They are responsible for setting the strategic direction, risk appetite and overseeing delivery of the strategic plan. The Management Committee is supported in its work by several sub-committees. Members of the Management Committee are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which usually takes place in September.

Governing body Audit & Risk committee Staffing committee
Alex Leishman (Chair)
Marc Andre-Schmitz
Mike Donnelly
Alison Guthrie
Gordon Laurie
Jackie McColl
David McGeoch
Iain McLeish
Tommy McMahon
Frank Murphy
Collette Ness
Mary Ray
Catherine Rosenthal
Richard Wilkins
Gordon Laurie (Chair)
Marc Andre-Schmitz
Alison Guthrie
Alex Leishman
David McGeoch
Iain McLeish

Mike Donnelly (Chair)
Marc Andre-Schmitz
Alison Guthrie
Jackie McColl
Iain McLeish
Frank Murphy
Mary Ray

Linthouse Housing Association, 1 Cressy St, Glasgow G51 4RB. Telephone: 0141 445 4418, Email:
enquiries@linthouseha.com. Linthouse Housing Association is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 1800RS, the Scottish Housing Regulatory, registration number 149, and is a charity registered in Scotland, registration number SC028161. A copy of our Data Protection Policy is available by clicking here.