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SHARE Scotland

1 Aug 2022


SHARE - The Scottish Health Research Register and Biobank, is a register of people aged 11 years and over, who are interested in helping health research and being contacted by SHARE if a relevant health project becomes available.

Health research can be anything from filling in a survey about your diet, to researching a new medication for an illness and SHARE need healthy people and those with medical conditions to sign up to take part. 

The need for health research is essential so new treatments can be developed for conditions such as asthma, cancer, dementia, heart failure and mental health issues.

SHARE would like to improve the prevention and treatment of disease, which is why they are asking for help.

Sign up to SHARE at or if you'd prefer to speak with someone, please contact them on: 01382 383471.

There is no obligation for anyone who registers to take part in any projects but signing up to SHARE keeps you informed of what research is available in Scotland.

SHARE is a great way for people to make a contribution to health research - which can improve the health of everybody in Scotland - so they really appreciate anyone considering this request.