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Alexander Leishman


Alec joined the Management Committee in June 2011 and held the position of Chairperson from September 2012 until September 2017 when he took over the position of Vice Chairperson.  Alec has a retail background although he was previously employed in the housing association sector before moving to taking up a tenancy at LHA.  

In December 2018 Alec was selected to perform role of Chairperson of LHA for second five-year period. Alec spent 9 years of his adult life in Linthouse, and he volunteers to improve the housing conditions and opportunities of the Linthouse community, which welcomed him so warmly when he lived here.

Alec continues to enjoy stewarding and steering LHA through the most precarious and radical period of its history in the mid-2010s to date. All the changes introduced to date are a result of collective effort which he is very proud to be a significant part of.